Unleash every individual’s potential

Kelp is a uniquely adaptable expert enterprise partner. It has been designed to shape itself around a firm’s ways of working while simultaneously eliciting and setting high standards for decision-making across the board.


Every client has a custom-defined strategy and operating model. Accounting for this, Kelp allows users to draw smartly from its suite of modules and tools and stitch them together seamlessly to deliver a tailor-made digital solution.


Firms have different operating philosophies when it comes to investment decisions and portfolio company management. Kelp can integrate into unique situations while carefully mitigating the risk of ‘common minimum’. In other words, Kelp helps define and set high standards without standardising.

User experience

Kelp’s modules are seamlessly linked, enabling them to talk to each another through data transfers and workflows. This gives users a fluid experience across the entire investment lifecycle.

Third-party integration

Kelp can easily integrate with a range of back-office and middle-office platforms, and databases. Different geographies and asset classes have specific compliance requirements (e.g. data privacy, statutory filings, accounting rules etc.) and Kelp’s architecture allows for these specifics to be accommodated.

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