Hone individual investment styles but minimise decision biases

Large institutional investors typically hold a wide range of asset classes across geographies and sectors. Their globally distributed teams operating across time zones and in vastly different markets, mean that achieving high-quality execution and decision-making demands processes and ways of working that are rigorous but not constraining.

Given their vantage point and typically strong in-house sector expertise, sovereign wealth funds and pension funds benefit from strong cross-border learning, which also helps them gain early move advantage, especially in investment trends that are global in nature.

How we partner with our clients

  • Bring together working knowledge of stakeholders – strategy teams, data scientists, sector specialists and investment team members, and leverage Kelp to institutionalise their perspectives
  • Enable instantaneous transfer of insights across deals, teams and geographies through a unified, seamless front-end experience
  • Accelerate execution of pilots and new ideas by providing a flexible and adaptable digital ecosystem across organisational boundaries
  • Enabling firms that invest in PE/VC funds as LPs to build and access a smart repository of the investment history; making modification and implementation of terms and conditions easy and seamless; and, codifying learning across the board

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