Power your decisions with contextualised, timely insights

Across the spectrum of growth to late-stage investing, no two investment strategies are alike. Deal strategies and contours are subject to a range of sector-specific and cross-sectoral factors – as well as the firm’s individual priorities, strengths and preferences. What makes a given deal seem favourable is dependent on leadership, profitability, and structural risks, among other factors. In addition, PE firms often have to make tough choices in order to use their bandwidth to maximum effect.

At the firm level, managing returns and risk smartly, and continuously deepening relationships with LPs require significant attention.

How we partner with our clients

Kelp enables users in PE firms to comprehensively evaluate businesses, sectors and markets by combining smart analysis of alternative data with financial performance. By powering key investment decisions with differentiating insights drawn from a combination of structured and unstructured data from a wide variety of sources, Kelp continuously enhances and leverages institutionalised learnings. This supports the early identification of high-potential deals, and the systematic and early removal of potential misfit deals from the funnel.

Kelp also helps users to proactively identify CEOs and founders to partner with and frees up the substantial bandwidth consumed by table-stake reviews of portfolio businesses (e.g. financial post-mortems) allowing users to focus instead on value drivers that help businesses to reach their full potential.

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