An expert partner for investment professionals

Kelp is a front-office operating system for the alternative investment ecosystem.

Modular and highly configurable, Kelp has been designed to operate as an expert business and finance intelligence partner. It automates time-consuming data analysis, streamlines processes, organises information and provides sharp insights to drive high-quality decision making and operational efficiency.

Kelp’s design hinges on five key principles, which, taken together, provide the edge our clients look for in their operating and digital strategies.

Transform data into insights

Compatible with a fast-growing list of more than 40 structured and unstructured databases across geographies, Kelp organises and processes data according to custom-defined rules to provide sharp insights for decision-making.

Continuously institutionalise learnings

Kelp fuels continuous organisational learning by:

  • Transforming learnings from past decisions into contextualised insights for future decision-making
  • Supporting seamless digital collaboration across roles and processes for quick and timely exchange of ideas and inputs
  • Allowing users to create, test and analyse scenarios – reducing the risk of unconscious biases and blind spots

Encourage individual creativity

Kelp allows our clients to make design choices (workflows, frameworks etc.) that draw from the best ideas and practices in the firm so that team members have the flexibility to use them in the way that suits them.

Be agile

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions in the alternative investment landscape. Firms need to be able to operate differently across geographies, asset classes and even sectors, whether that’s the criteria used to source deals, the approach to monitoring portfolio companies or the changing sectoral exposure at the fund level. Kelp has been designed to be highly configurable so that individual firms can vary the rules they apply across their operating parameters.

Free-up bandwidth

Kelp helps liberate substantial bandwidth by doing the analytical heavy lifting across the lifecycle of an investment. A combination of automation (e.g. underwriting versus performance comparison), intuitive dashboards (e.g. leadership and company attractiveness) and data synthesis (e.g. company ranking in sectors) ensures investment professionals focus their bandwidth on decision-making, building relationships and deepening expertise.

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