Uncover underwriting risks comprehensively and quickly

Private credit funds often have to respond to the demands of a fast-moving pipeline and a shorter turnaround time in comparison to their private equity counterparts.

Credit funds’ key focus areas during prospect evaluation tend to revolve around the quality of corporate governance, business ethics and integrity of the management and the directors. After the deal, the focus shifts to monitoring their portfolio effectively by keeping an eye on early warning signs at the individual company level and on the overall quality of the portfolio.

How we partner with our clients

  • Facilitate smart and insightful mining of corporate data to arrive at a starting list of potential companies that could form the pipeline for a specific time horizon. This helps firms source deals and ideate on structures proactively, and gain early-mover advantage
  • Save precious bandwidth by enabling early rejection of misfit deals through well-defined rule engines
  • Support effective portfolio monitoring to help intervene at the right time and consider timely exits
  • Institutionalise learnings (single repository for entire deal lifecycle, ability to fine-tune the rule engines on the basis of what worked and what did not), which helps reduce deal cycle time, continuously improve the quality of underwriting and maintain a healthy spread

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