Identify the right mandates and close them in the shortest possible time

With a constant need to target their resources to the greatest effect, investment banks prioritise the institutionalising of process efficiencies and knowledge to support continuous learning and improvement.

Investment banks stay competitive and build a strong brand among entrepreneurs and management by:

  • Continuously building strong founder, fund manager and institutional relationships
  • Gaining early visibility into emerging sectors and potential deals
  • Focusing on the high-ROI mandates and closing them quickly

In certain markets, the sector is characterised by a constant movement of talent to PE and VC firms. This only amplifies the need to utilise systems and processes that capture their learnings and institutionalise relationships.

How we partner with our clients

Kelp supports decision-making success and helps build early-mover advantage. Win-loss ratios and ROI can be continuously refined using Kelp’s sophisticated deal-screening frameworks. Opportunities and promising sectors can also be identified quickly and efficiently using market data and proprietary insights. This means that, over time, misfit mandates can be screened out early, freeing up bandwidth to focus on deal angles and maximising efficiency across your firm.

In addition, Kelp constantly evaluates the quality of your firm’s network to prioritise key relationships, equip junior team members to create high-quality first responses to mandates, and enable the rapid bootstrapping of analysts and associates by ‘institutionalising’ their roles on the system.

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