A culture that puts our people's skills and ambitions first

We are motivated by a single mission – to delight our customers by delivering outstanding value and to provide every user in their organizations a cutting-edge digital experience. We believe the alternative investment industry is powered by top-of-the-line decision-making driven by a unique combination of data-powered insights, judgment and experiential wisdom.

If you are detail-focused and passionate about cutting-edge technology, we would be thrilled to get to know you. Given the demanding nature of the industry, we attract people who have an eye for detail, are conscious about quality, enjoy working collaboratively with teams to solve cutting-edge problems, and have a flair for ideating and moving ideas to execution fast.

Our Teams :

Product Research and Management

Our product team is the innovation hub of the organization. Our research focuses not only on finetuning or overhauling certain aspects of the product based on our learning and client feedback, but also in creating newer functionalities and modules – targeted at deepening the organizational intelligence with our existing and new clients.

Combining a sharp understanding of drivers of different industries we serve, customizing those insights to ensure smooth adoption and organizational impact, our product team conducts a variety of experiments to understand how the future of these enhancements will play out and how our clients will benefit the most from them.

The Kelp product team has data scientists and product managers who constantly interact with internal and external industry experts, and transform new idea to adoption-ready features.

Product Development and Delivery

The technology team builds and maintains the backbone of Kelp by adhering to the highest global standards of software engineering practices using the agile development process. 

By leveraging cutting-edge tools and technical stack, we strive to build an environment that is highly collaborative, productive and one that inspires innovation while keeping us lean and change-friendly.

We plan effectively for regular product updates while maintaining the desired level of flexibility required to move blue-sky ideas to product features quickly. By enabling this agility, our Product development team keeps us at the forefront of product innovation and helps reduce our time-to-market.

Highly effective as individuals and as team-players, our Development team comprises innovators and passionate problem solvers who leave no stone unturned till the best-fit solution is made available to our clients and their users.

Design and Experience

The Design & Experience team is focused on making technology work for our users. We aspire to have deep empathy for our users and hone our abilities to work at all levels, from strategic value proposition, to frictionless customer journeys, to pixel perfection details. By immersing ourselves in the domain, we aim to connect with our varied users and their diverse needs, so we can build an experience that really supports their deeper needs.

Unlike consumer products where the goal is to simplify, here we get to level up the experience – really build and mature the product so that it seamlessly works for the smart users that we cater to. From building situational awareness on what’s happening in their firm (for the managing partner), focus areas (for partners), team (for leads), or work pipeline (for analysts), it’s a challenging activity to find the right data and presentation to cater to the end user’s decision making priorities.

Not just about digitizing existing workflows, Kelp is re-imagining how decisions can be supported and made in the alternate investments ecosystem, across geographies, users, goals, and needs.

Customer Success

By deeply understanding the drivers of success for our clients, the Customer Success team leverages our organizational resources to deliver maximum product value. By combining our industry expertise, product knowledge and an understanding of the nitty-gritties of what enables or hinders the adoption of Kelp, the team works closely with other internal teams and external partners to deliver a seamless experience to our clients.

The Customer Success team regularly interacts with identified stakeholders in our clients organizations to review the extent and quality of adoption and support with interventions required if any, resolve process/ technology issues effectively, and keep them informed of the latest product developments and upcoming releases to plan and implement smooth mandatory upgrades.


The marketing team at Kelp is incharge of building strong brand awareness among our existing and prospective clients, our global partners and advisors. One of the key objectives of this effort is to minimize/eliminate any disparity between perception and reality. To this effect, the marketing team provides insightful, actionable feedback to the organization, and finetunes the message continuously to ensure tight alignment between Kelp’s brand promise and the lived experience of our stakeholders.

Empaneling the right channel partners, participating in relevant forums to share our insights and product capabilities, hosting impactful events for our clients and building and improving our physical brand infrastructure are some of the core responsibilities of our marketing team. 


Our Corporate team is the foundational block of the organization. Working closely with our people internally and a number of global and domestic partners across legal, finance, people and administrative functions, our corporate team members operate at multiple levels across a range of key aspects – be it sorting out teething process issues or enabling our people to connect with one another deeply or providing input for techno-commercial strategies.

Our corporate team members typically have strong functional backgrounds with a penchant for adopting a generalist’s approach to their work. They are highly effective when operating cross-functional and have a strong customer service mindset when dealing with our people and partners. 

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