We strive to fuel collective potential

Our work delivers the greatest impact for our clients when we collaborate with our stakeholders to develop and refine solutions. We aim to be at the forefront of innovation and recognise that often means striking a balance between rigorous process orientation and experimental creativity.

Here is a set of core principles which we strive to live by:


Always be customer centric

Our clients are at the centre of everything we do, and we recognise that their needs are unique and often highly specific. That is why Kelp is continually evolving to be agile and flexible – to provide tailored, needs-based solutions that adapt to our clients goals and ways of working.

Treat everyone with fairness and respect

From smaller firms to large global businesses, we believe in treating everyone fairly with empathy and understanding. Fairness governs all – from how we work with our clients and external partners to how we make decisions as a team. This begins with being a good listener, allowing us to ensure all voices are heard, represented and welcomed, and honestly sharing our perspectives in the best interests of our stakeholders – clients, partners and suppliers, and our people.


Privacy is a priority

Our work with our clients is rooted in enabling them to handle their data and information with the utmost integrity. Confidentiality is based on trust and respect, and we have an obligation to ensure our stakeholders can always rely on us to keep information safe and secure.


We are all people

Our approach to business is built on human connection and effective communication. We are not just another faceless product company. Instead, we see Kelp as a supportive partner: we are there for our clients, serving as a reliable ‘buddy’ to people in their organisations. We see our colleagues as the talented individuals they are, with their own goals and dreams and we are committed to helping them achieve their full potential, wherever that may take them.

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